Our Hemp

Traditional Craft

Supporting the traditional hemp craft of the Hmong Hill Tribe farmers of South East Asia, who have been growing hemp for thousands of years. It is literally the fabric of their society.

Regenerative Farming

The Hmong cultivate heirloom hemp seed that has been passed down for generations. They grow on hillsides without irrigation or pesticides and use only hand tools.

Hand Processed

Hempy Scrubbys and shawls are hand-loomed. Shawl fibers are softened by hand. All of our products are colored with natural dyes that are sustainably harvested from the local land.

Ethically Traded

Creating a demand for their traditional hemp craft so the Hmong can maintain their land and their sovereignty while everyone involved, from seed to scrubby, receives a fair living wage.

What people think of Hempy Scrubby

“I got the coarser one and love using it to dry brush before showering- awesome addition to my daily morning ritual!”

“I’ve used the Hempy Scrubby just about everyday for two years…it’s how I start off my day. I feel invigorated and more alert…it’s my morning cup of coffee.”

“Keeping the lymphatic system healthy is in my top 5 requirements for a healthy body and life. The Hempy Scrubby is a Simple Solution to do so! Its inexpensive, easy to use and it is eco friendly! A hatrick of health. Use for dry brushing as often as you can. I love it!”

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      UPDATE!!! After having many customers ask us to continue the product we have begun a search to work with farmers that still weave the fabric for our Hempy Scrubby. Please consider our remaining beautiful textiles are available for a limited time, at a great discount to support this transition. Your business, love, and support has been greatly appreciated. Dismiss