Batik Indigo Hemp Shawl


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Wrap yourself in this meticulously designed and detailed batik indigo hemp shawl. Elegant, durable, and versatile, it will add the finishing touch to any outfit.

*100% Heirloom Hemp
*Sustainably Harvested, Fermented Indigo Dye
*Frayed Edge

Our hemp is grown by the indigenous Hmong hill tribe farmers of South East Asia who have been growing hemp for thousands of year. The fiber is then softened by hand with traditional techniques and hand-loomed.

Batik Art: After the fiber is hand loomed, Hmong women use wax to create a detailed design on the fabric. The textile is then dipped in sustainably harvested indigo from the local forest. After dying, the wax is removed to reveal their design.

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In a cool environment the hemp fabric naturally tightens to keeping you warmer. In warmer weather the fiber relaxes and breaths, keeping you cool and protecting you from he sun.

Recommended Care: Hand wash shawl separately with non-harsh soap or detergents and hang dry. The indigo will bleed on the first few washes.


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UPDATE!!! After having many customers ask us to continue the product we have begun a search to work with farmers that still weave the fabric for our Hempy Scrubby. Please consider our remaining beautiful textiles are available for a limited time, at a great discount to support this transition. Your business, love, and support has been greatly appreciated. Dismiss