Hempy Scrubby 6-Pack


Product Description

Scrub Down Wash up with Hempy Scrubby!
Your all in one, Dry Scrub & Wash Cloth

*Raw Heirloom Hemp Fiber
*Grown & Handloomed by Hmong hill tribe farmers of Northern Thailand
*Naturally Anti-Microbial & Mildew Resistant

Add Hempy Scrubby to your daily routine!

Dry Brushing:
Use Hempy Scrubby dry on dry skin. Massaging gently from your extremities towards your lymph nodes (Hips & Armpits). Dry Brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic practice to cleanse your immune system, eliminate dead skin, and invigorate circulation. After Dry Scrubbing you are sure to feel energized and rejuvenated! After repeated use you may also see a decrease in cellulite and blemishes!

After dry scrubbing, jump in the shower and lather Hempy Scrubby up with your favorite soup. Your scrubby will soften when wet for gentle exfoliation. Our raw heirloom hemp is naturally antimicrobial and mildew resistant, so it won’t get funky-smelly like other washcloths!

Hang or lay flat to dry after every use and your Scrubby will be nice and fresh for your next Dry Scrub!

Hempy Scrubby comes in three textures: Gentle, Medium, and Course. Please allow for slight variation as all Scrubbies are hand processed and woven.

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 x 2 x 7 in

Mixed Pack, Gentle, Medium, Course


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